LOXO suspended flooring system used in lieu of a suspended concrete slab is a fast efficient flooring system that will not only save you time on construction, will also give you a masonry feel. With its high fire resistance and sound acoustic qualities will give the home owner a first class flooring.

The Loxo Floor Panel System is designed to be used in residential construction over timber or steel framing floor joists systems spaced at 440mm centres. The system consists of 50mm thick Loxo Panels, reinforced with corrosion protected steel in both directions. For fast, clean construction, Loxo panels are available in standard sizes of 2200mm in length and 600mm in width.

What Are Loxo Panels?

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) is manufactured from cement, sand (silica), lime and water, it is aerated by adding an expanding agent to the mix (small amounts of aluminium paste).

How are the Flooring Panels made?

The mix is poured into a mould to approximately 2/3 of the height of the mould. The expanding agent reacts with the other elements, and the mix begins to rise in the mould. (A chemical reaction expands the mixture to form small, finely‐dispersed air bubbles). The moulds are pre‐cured in a heated room for several hours.

Cutting the Floor Panels to Size

The semi ‐solid material (still in a green state) is transported to the cutting machine. The soft but semi-solid block is sliced into the required panel size using steel wires. Once sliced, the block is steam pressure cured for up to 12 hours. The expanding chemical reaction combined with the Autoclave
process is what gives AAC it’s unique properties.

What makes Loxo Floor Panes So Good?

AAC has excellent thermal insulation and acoustic absorption properties, it has superior fire resistance
qualities and is also termite resistant. Its properties and specifications satisfy all relevant building codes. Working with AAC is easy and efficient. AAC is both versatile and economical. AAC meets the diverse demands better than any other material due to the numerous advantages of its physical and mechanical properties.

Flooring – Easy To Work With

Loxo® Panels can be easily cut, drilled, routered, or chased using power or hand tools. When working with Loxo® Panels ensure that the PPE as previously described is worn.

For a copy of the full range of Loxo® MSDS sheets, visit the Loxo® website; www.loxo.com.au


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